Membership and Benefit

As a member you will benefit from the nccc network and have opportunities participate a range of activities.

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Membership fees per year in Danish kroner:

All amounts are in Danish Kroner DKK and do not include VAT.


+Individual members

personal membership                  
       3.000 kr. ( entitled to 1 staff for member activities)


+Company members

Under 50 employees
      6.000 kr. (entitled to 2 staff for member activities) Between 50-200 employees
     12.000 kr. (entitled to 4 staff for member activities) Above 200 employees
     24.000 kr. (entitled to 6 staff for member activities)


Membership Benefits

NCCC members will benefit from network and exchange of knowledge through a range of activities:


+Business Networking

As a member of NCCC you will have chance to meet with both Nordic and Chinese companies. Membership gives you the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences amongst the members.


+Member Meetings

Member meetings provide down-to -earth, first-hand knowledge sharing about the business practices in China as well in Nordic countries. Participating in the meetings gives you the insights relevant to your business.


+Chinese Contacts

NCCC has Chinese speaking staff educated, living and working both in Nordic countries and China. Our vast network in China gives us the direct access to valuable contacts of Chinese organizations and

company representatives. NCCC holds trade and investment seminar, training sessions, business meetings for the delegations and chambers of commerce of difference branches in Nordic regions as well as in China.


+Company Profile

Members will be given a space in our website to introduce and promote your company and activities.


+Promote Profile in DCpro

DCPRO is a linkedin group,where you can network with 800+ Nordic-Chinese professionals on-line.