Please also find below some China-related groups which might be of interest to you.

ScandAsia  | 北欧亚洲

Invest In China | 投资中国

Bridge Investment Opportunities & Chinese Investors

China Import & Export | 中国进出口

China Business Development

Chinese Business Connections

China M&A

China Entrepreneur Community

China Business Owners

China Business Start-up Forum

China Venture Capital

China CEO Community

China Intellectual Property

China Internship & Job Opportunity

Shanghai Business

Entrepreneurs Meet Investors 投融资项目交流

China IT Industry 中国电子信息产业

China Agriculture Industry 中国农业

China Real Estate 中国房地产业

China logistics Industry 中国物流业

China Construction Industry 中国建筑业

China Textile & Garment 中国纺织服装业

China Chemical Industry 中国化工

China Mining Industry 中国采矿业

China Automotive Industry 中国汽车业

China Wholesale & Retail industry 中国批发零售业

China manufacturing industry 中国制造业

China New Energy Industry 中国新能源产业

China Hospitality Industry 中国酒店业